Friday, 21 November 2014

WB: 17.11.14.

The Year 1 children have had a very busy week. They began the week with Mrs de Klerk working on a Science experiment. The children have been predicting how much rain fall we are likely to have this month. They placed rain gauges in different areas around the school to find out which position would collect the most rain. This is an ongoing experiment that the children will be observing regularly.  

On Tuesday the children had a wonderful morning with the author Alice Hemming. They enjoyed listening to her story, Bibble and the Bubbles in assembly. Afterwards, the children created a bubble poem on a paper plate. The poem was called 30 uses for a bubble and as you can imagine there were many exciting uses for a bubble:
“You can make a bubble tree” (Eoin)
“A bubble hair band” (Niamh)
“You can make bubble candy floss” (Katie)
“Make a cute bubble guinea pig” (Benji)
“Make a bubble microphone and sing along” (Carys)
“Make a tennis bubble racquet” (Hope)
“You can make a bubble clock” (Xavier)

In Geography the children have been thinking about how they travel to school and the route they take from home to school. They looked at a map of the area and then created a map themselves discussing the different landmarks that they might see on their journey.
In Art the children have enlarged the autumn items that they have drawn and used collage to represent the different colours that we see in autumn. I am sure you will agree they are pretty amazing!

In English the children have been thinking about the structure of fairy tales. They listened to the Princess and the Pea story and then were asked to discuss what happened at the beginning, middle and end. Some of the children used role-play to act out the story and some were asked to think of questions they would ask a princess if she visited our classroom. Luckily, we had our own Princess Diana on hand who was only too pleased to answer the children’s questions!

In Maths we have been working on addition and subtraction calculations. Many of the children are now confident saying their number bonds to 10/20 and we are focussing now on using them to solve word problems. This will be continued next week as well. 
We began our new RE topic on Waiting. The children were asked to think about how it feels to wait for something special and we had some wonderful responses from the children. Afterwards, the children had to experience ‘waiting’ themselves. A parcel had arrived all wrapped up and the children had to wait a whole minute to open it. The children were very excited about this as our star of the day ‘Bobby’ the bear was unwrapped. He is looking forward to going home each day with a different child on an adventure. I am sure you will all get to meet him!

This week you will see that your child has homework related to our new RE topic as we will be learning about the annunciation next week.  
On Monday in English the children will be thinking about different settings so will be going for a walk in the school wooded area. Please ensure your child has wellies/change of shoes and a coat.
Enjoy the weekend!

Friday, 14 November 2014

WB: 10.11.14.

What a busy week we have had!
In Maths the children have had fun been learning about the days of the week and the months of the year. We talked about when our birthday is and the special celebrations that take place in particular months. The months of the year was quite a challenge for some of the children as we are learning about the seasons of the year at the moment.
In English the children have been learning about alliteration and rhyme through poems. They have been very creative with their words especially with the rhymes, ‘What are Little Boys and Girls made of?’  
On Tuesday at 11.00 the children sat beautifully along with the whole school for a 2 minute silence in remembrance of those people who have served in the armed forces.
This week in RE the children have been learning about Judaism. We began the week by discussing how Jewish people celebrate their faith and then compared this to our own Christian faith. We looked at some of the symbols that are used in the Jewish faith such as the tallit, the kippah, the menorah candlestick and many more symbols that are used. 

We listened to the story of Abraham and found out about God’s promise that he would have as many family members as the stars in heaven or the sand on the sea shore. After the story the children each wrote their family members names on a star which is now on display in our classroom.  

In Science the children have had lots of fun with Mrs Luckhurst making rain-makers

In Geography the children have been thinking about the area where they live and what features they have in their local area. We also discussed our address and what each line of our address represented. Thank you for helping your child with this task at home. 
Next week it is anti-bullying week and the school council have decided to call it ‘Beat the Bad Week’. During the week the children will be encouraged to think of ways that they can spread this message. On Friday the children are allowed to wear something blue to show that we are working together to create peace.

Friday, 7 November 2014

WB: 3.11.14

It was lovely to see the children back feeling refreshed after their half term holidays. They enjoyed sharing their news with each other about their holidays.
This week we began our new topic on ‘Changing Seasons.’ To begin with the children discussed the different seasons of the year and the visible signs that help us to learn about the changes in each season. In Science the children worked together to create beautiful collages from each of the different seasons.  

On Tuesday the children had a lovely time when we attended morning mass at Our Lady of Lourdes church to conclude our topic on ‘Belonging’. The children listened beautifully to Monsignor Turner and were a credit to the school. Afterwards, the children explored the local area looking for particular landmarks. It was great to use the new Ipad’s that were kindly purchased by the PTA to capture the experience. A big thank you to all our parents who volunteered to help on this trip – very much appreciated! 
The trip also helped the children to think about the signs of autumn and in English the children have been able to  write some fabulous poems.
In Maths the children have been using the 100 square to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and also finding halves of shapes.

This half term the children are doing Art and they have been looking carefully at autumn leaves, conkers and pine cones and then creating observational drawings.

During our Computing lesson the children logged on to ‘Mathletics’ and spent time finding out about the new program. Each child was given their own password and user name to take home to enable them to use the program at home to support their mathematics development.