Friday, 30 January 2015

WB: 26.1.15.

The children really enjoyed the animal encounter on Thursday when they found out about some of the animals from the different continents that we have been learning about. We had Maddie the tenrec, a Madagascan hedgehog from Africa, Eddie the bearded dragon, a lizard from Australia and Gertie the barn owl from Europe.

During Maths there was plenty of excitement when the children explored weight and time. 

During Science the children continued to learn about different materials. Their task this week was to investigate materials that were waterproof.  

Enjoy the weekend!

Friday, 23 January 2015

WB: 19.1.15.

The children have had a busy time this week and it is great to see them filled with much enthusiasm about our topic. They have painted some fabulous pictures of animals and these are now on display in the library and in class.

In English the children have been thinking about their favourite fairy tales. They have written about their favourite one and in Computing have created illustrations to represent the characters in the story. Here are a few of the wonderful illustrations that the children created using the 2Paint program.

In Maths we have been focussing on recognising coins up to £2.  The children have been finding different ways to pay for items up to 50p. You will notice that for homework we have asked the children to purchase an item/items for 50p/£1 to help them understand the
value of the coins and which ones they need to use to pay for an item.
In RE this week father Michael came in to visit us on Wednesday. He was very impressed with the questions that the children had prepared to ask him. He told the children about the special work he does in the parish and the special people in his church and family.
In Science the children found out about magnetic materials and their uses. They have had lots of fun exploring different types of materials to find out if they were magnetic or not.

Next week in maths the children will be estimating the weight of an object and using non-standard units to measure weight. We will also be looking at telling the time to the hour and half hour.
In English the children will be listening and following an oral story.  They will be writing extended sentences and encouraged to use describing words in their work.
We will also be having a special visitor from Paradise Park on Thursday. The children will learn about and have the opportunity to handle animals from different climates. Please ensure that the permission slip is returned so that if your child would like to stroke the animals then they will be able to do so.
Enjoy the weekend!