Saturday, 28 March 2015

WB: 23.3.15.

What a busy and exciting week the children have had!
In Maths the children have continued to explore ‘capacity’ using sand and water. They were also been set some problems to solve which enabled them to use their number bonds.

In English the children had fun and worked wonderfully together to recite and make up actions for the verses of a funny poem. They also had fun writing some very humorous rhyming couplets.

During our PE lessons the children worked cooperatively using balls and bean bags. They worked well as a team supporting each other.

The children have been working creatively to make their playgrounds. They are now well on the way to being finished and will be sent home by the end of the week.

The children created lots of sounds using the ‘magic painting’ program on the iPad’s. 

The children have finished their topic on ‘Mysterious Materials’ in Science this week. They concluded by thinking about the different materials that the three little pigs might have on their floors in their houses.
In RE this week the children learnt about the Stations of the Cross and have listened to some of the events of Holy Week. They made palms which will be used at the beginning of Mass on Thursday.

Thank you also for the generous donations in the Lenten boxes. The children enjoyed laying their coins down on the lettering in the library. They also had a marvellous time at the fundraising afternoon, spending money on activities such as face painting, getting their nails polished, darts, scoring conversions in rugby and many more fun activities. I am sure there was lots of money raised for the ‘Westminster Children’s Society’ charity.

Enjoy the weekend!

Friday, 20 March 2015

WB: 16.3.15.

This week the children have had a very exciting ‘Science, Maths and Engineering’ week.
The children really enjoyed Mrs Zilliox coming in and talking to them about her job as a scientist. They loved listening about what her job involves and learning about the five senses.

The children were enthusiastic and worked hard using their designs to create their seeds for the competition. I am sure you will agree their creations are amazing!

The Lego workshop was a huge success and a wonderful learning experience for the children.

The children also enjoyed going on a scavenger hunt around the school grounds using clues to find a range of objects and places.

To conclude the week the children took part in a ‘colours of nature’ investigation. Their task was to look for a spectrum of green colours in our outdoor area. Afterwards, they explored colour mixing to match the colours they had found.

In Maths the children have been exploring ‘capacity’. We explored the amount an object could hold. Next week we will continue with this to estimate, measure and compare capacities.

Next Friday we would like the children to bring in their ‘Lenten’ boxes. 
In the morning time the children will lay out their coins on the playground with the rest of the school. In the afternoon there will be fundraising activities organised by years 3-6.  For this the children can take in money in a separate envelope/purse that they can spend on the stalls. Most stalls will cost 20p per go.
Also, next week the Year 6 children will be selling tickets at break times for their annual Easter egg raffle.
Hope you have a lovely weekend!