Friday, 26 February 2016

WB: 22.2.16.

What a busy start to the term the children have had.
During our Maths lessons the children have been thinking about ways to pay for items and have been selecting correct coins to buy the item. The children have also been working on a task that helped them to consider what jobs around the home and garden could be done to earn pocket money.

In English the children have continued to explore pattern and rhyme in a poem. This week they focussed on a poem called ‘Monsters’ and enjoyed changing the words to create their own version of the poem.

There was much interest shown on Wednesday when the ‘Women with Waders’ came to work on the school pond. The children were keen to find out what was happening and had lots of questions to ask, such as:
How did you get the fish out?
How many days will it take to clear the pond?
How many fish did you find?
How did you get all the water out?
Why are there piles of bricks around the pond?

It was a wonderful experience for the children to see and I am sure they will have much fun exploring the pond during Science lessons.

We began our new topic this week and had a very successful trip to Pizza Express on Thursday. All children had the opportunity to make their own individual Margherita pizzas. They learned about the different ingredients in the actual dough and how to handle it. They spent time stretching the dough out, spreading on the tomato topic and adding the cheese. At the end of the morning all children had a pizza of their own to take home and enjoy for tea! A big thank you to all our parents who accompanied the children on this trip, it was much appreciated.

In PE the children have been using the large apparatus to demonstrate a variety of movements such as over, under and through. This week a number of children did not have PE kits in school so please can you ensure your child has a PE kit in school.

In RE the children have been thinking about thanking God for all the wonderful things that they have in their lives.
Next week is going to be another busy week. On Thursday it is World Book Day and I am sure the children are excited about dressing up or wearing their pyjamas of a favourite book character. You will have noticed that for homework the children have been asked to design a book cover in preparation for the day.
We will also be getting ready for our Mothers’ Day Liturgy which is on Friday at 2.15 p.m. We look forward to seeing you there.

Enjoy the weekend! 

Saturday, 13 February 2016

WB: 8.2.16.

Cannot quite believe we are at the end of our half term already. The children have been amazing this week. As we began our Lenten journey, they listened well and sang beautifully during our Ash Wednesday mass which was celebrated by Father Tom.
In English the children have enjoyed the opportunity to respond to poems by making up actions and sound effects to various poems. On Friday the children chose the poem, ‘Down by the School Gate’ by Wes Magee to recite and perform in front of their audience during the ‘St Dominic Poetry Recital’. 

In Maths the children have been continuing to count on from a given number. They are developing confidence using the 100 square and able to use different strategies to help them count on 1 and 2 digit numbers.
In Science the children have continued to explore and compare different types of materials and investigate those materials that float and sink.
In D and T this week the children have completed their evaluations on their puppets and were very excited about bringing them home. I am sure they will have many hours of fun using them to create their own little scenarios and stories.

You will have noticed that the homework task is to design a logo which relates to the Year of Mercy. All of the information is on the sheet that the children were given and we ask that all entries are returned by the Thursday 25th February. 
I have also set two tasks on Maths that can be accessed through the Abacus website which children may enjoy completing over the holidays.
Next term we will begin our new topic on ‘Keeping Healthy’. On Thursday we will visit Pizza Express and we hope this will provide the children with lots of enthusiasm and inspiration for our new topic. Thank you to all those parents who have volunteered to help and we look forward to an enjoyable morning.
In English we will continue to focus on poetry in the first week back. As it is ‘Financial Capability’ week we will be solving word problems using money during our Maths lessons.
I ask that you keep Mrs Kelly in your thoughts and prayers as she has had her operation this week and will be recuperating for a number of weeks. We wish her and Mrs Chadwick a speedy recovery. We welcome Miss K to Year 1 who has enjoyed working alongside the children this week and will be returning after the half term.

The children have been very busy this term and have worked very hard so I am sure they are ready for a well-earned break. Happy holidays!

Saturday, 6 February 2016

WB: 1.2.16.

This week in Maths the children have been involved in a variety of activities using the 100 square to ‘count on’ from a given number. They have enjoyed the opportunity to play ‘Snakes and Ladders’ which has enabled them to gain lots of practice in counting on and back. They have also been naming and ordering the days of the week and the months of the year.

In English the children have been focussing on punctuating sentences. They have discussed when to use capital letters and have had the opportunity to use question marks in their work.    
In RE we completed our ‘Special People’ topic and the children have been introduced to our new topic on ‘Meals’. You will have noticed that children have been given homework linked to this topic.

In Science the children have been observing and discussing the properties of paper.
The hand puppets that the children have been making are coming close to completion and the children will be writing up their evaluations soon.  
Next week in English we will be learning and reciting poems. In Maths we will be continuing to count on by adding a 1-digit to a 2-digit number and adding to the next multiple of 10.
We would like to welcome Mrs Thompson to Year 1. Mrs Thompson is working in Year 1 in the absence of Mrs Chadwick and I am sure she will have an enjoyable time with us.
Cannot quite believe we are coming to the end of our spring first half term and that it is Ash Wednesday next week. Mass will be celebrated at 10.15 a.m. to which you are all welcome.
Enjoy the weekend!