Saturday, 28 May 2016

WB: 23.5.16.

I cannot quite believe another half-term has flown by!
During our topic work this week the children found out about transport around the world such as gondolas, tuk-tuks and sea planes. Afterwards, they chose a mode of transport to research on the iPad.
In RE we began our new topic on ‘Being Sorry’. The children used role-play to act out situations where their behaviour could affect others. This gave them the opportunity to talk about their choices and the consequences of their actions on others.

In English the children have been listening to a story about Sammy and his trip in a hot air balloon. This inspired them to plan and create a story of their own. The children really enjoyed you visiting the class on Friday as it gave them the opportunity to share their work with you, especially their hot air balloons and the song that they enjoyed singing.

In Science the children enjoyed exploring their five senses and learning about how our senses can help us and other animals to keep safe, for example, hearing someone shout, seeing danger, feeling if something is hot and how taste buds react to certain foods.

For homework the children have been given a number square and word activity to complete. I have allocated a Maths game on the Abacus website for them to complete as well. The children also enjoy the games on during our phonics lessons which they may like to play at home.
There is lots happening next half-term and the children are looking forward to our new topic on ‘Famous People’. As we have a lovely celebration on Friday 10th June to commemorate the Queen’s 90th birthday I thought it only fitting that we begin with Queen Elizabeth.
Enjoy the holidays!

Friday, 20 May 2016

WB: 16.5.16.

This week in English the children have enjoyed listening to the story of ‘The Man in the Moon’.  They were able to use adjectives to describe the character Bob who had a very important job – keeping the moon clean unaware that there were aliens watching him.
In Maths the children have been using number bonds to help them solve number sentences. They have also been learning about division using ‘everyday life ’ objects such as a cupcake tray and an egg box. They also found out that multiplication can be represented as an ‘array’ and can be calculated in any order. As a special treat Mrs Thompson bought a large bar of chocolate and the children counted up the chunks. They found that there were 60 pieces in total as they counted in 5’s and this was shown as 5 x 12 or 12 lots of 5.
During RE it was lovely to hear all the interesting facts that the children had found out about the Islam faith. Through stories the children have heard how Prophet Muhammad cared for God’s creations and animals. Muhammad said that ‘no matter how small or large creatures are, they are all important to God and everyone should take care of them’.
In Art and Design the children began making their hot air balloons. Throughout the week the children have prepared their balloons by covering them in papier-mache. However, we did have a few balloons that became a bit deflated but we are hoping that all will be well once the paint is applied next week. 

In Computing the children researched images on the internet of hot air balloons which supported them in creating designs for their own balloon. 
In Science today the children used the outline of their body to label the different parts of the body. They began with the parts that they knew and then added some unfamiliar ones like, shin, earlobe, thigh and philtrum (the bit under your nose!) Afterwards, the children presented their diagrams to the class.

The children enjoyed watching the first KS1 ‘spelling bee’ on Tuesday. In total the children had to spell 16 words and I am delighted that all the children did extremely well. Well done to Elsa and Madeleine for being overall winners and the trophy is now proudly displayed in our class. 

As we come to the end of the half term the children would like to invite you into class next Friday from 3.00 – 3.15 pm. This will give them an opportunity to share their work with you.
Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, 13 May 2016

WB: 9.5.16.

This week the children visited the Royal Air Force Museum in Hendon. Whilst there, they were able to explore an amazing exhibition of aircraft such as the modern day jet engine, to the propeller plane which was 100 years old. They participated in a ‘helicopter’ workshop and learnt about the jobs that a helicopter does and how they fly. They also made their own paper rotor and had the opportunity to test it out. A big thank you to all parents who gave up their time to accompany us on the trip, it was much appreciated.

On our return from the RAF Museum it was a lovely surprise to see that Mrs O’Mahony and Mrs Veritiero had been busy working hard in order to bring our garden area alive!  

In English the children have been thinking about starting sentences in a variety of ways and using conjunctions to compose longer sentences.
In Maths the children have been adding three numbers together. To support solving the additions they have been encouraged to look for number bonds and doubles.
In RE we have been concluding our work on ‘Holidays and Holydays’. Next week we will be learning about the Islam faith and the children will be listening to stories about Muhammad. For homework the children have been asked to find out two interesting facts about this religion.
During Art and Design many of the children put the finishing touches to their vehicles. Afterwards, they tested them out and made changes to them if necessary.

Next Tuesday there are four children from our class who will participate in the first Key Stage One ‘Spelling Bee’ competition. A list of words has been sent home with the children and these have been compiled from the ‘word of the week’ which has been previously displayed in the dining room.

Wishing you all a happy weekend! 

Friday, 6 May 2016

WB: 2.5.16.

This week in English the children have been introduced to a traditional tale from India called, The Best Friends.  They have been using adjectives to describe characters in the story and have also been identify good storytelling techniques.
During our phonics lessons we have been using the online game of ‘buried treasure’ to read ‘real’ and ‘nonsense’ words. There are quite a few games on the  that can be accessed free of charge that your child might like to try at home.
In Maths we have continued to use the 100 square and the 100 bead string to subtract a single digit number from a 2-digit number. These practical resources are excellent in enabling the children to gain confidence in helping to solve problems.
During Art and Design this week the children began making their vehicles. It was great to see the children working creatively using their own independent ideas. 

In Science the children have been identifying and classify animals. In smalls groups the children have been looking at the different features of animals including mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds. Afterwards using non-fiction texts the children created a poster and presented their findings to their peers.

There was much fun had with Mr Simmonds on Tuesday when the children were introduced to the game of ‘bench ball’.

There was also great excitement this week when one of our children came into school proudly wearing his Leicester City scarf – well done Leicester City on winning the Premiership!  
It was lovely to see so many sunny days this week. I think it is now time for children to bring in a sun hat to wear at break times. Some of the children have asked could they bring in sun cream but I would ask that this be applied daily before school.
Many thanks to all those parents who have volunteered to help on our school trip on Tuesday. We are looking forward to an enjoyable day out.

Have a lovely weekend!