Friday, 22 July 2016

WB: 18.7.16.
Cannot quite believe that the time has come to say ‘Goodbye’ to all our wonderful children in Year 1. They have been amazing and we have had great pleasure in watching them learn and progress throughout the year. We are really proud of all they have achieved and just know that they are ready for Miss Lawrance in Year 2!
A big ‘Well Done’ this week also to Aidan, Francis, Ruby and Daniel for representing Year 1 in the Key Stage One ‘Spelling Bee’. The children had worked hard to learn some difficult spellings and worked together as a team, brilliantly!

We have had much fun along the way and on Monday we were delighted to see the sun shining so that we could conclude our year with a fantastic afternoon held in the EYFS. What a talented bunch we have in Year 1. The children entertained us with their skills such as, origami, singing, dancing, gymnastics displays, jokes and even a penalty shoot-out!


On behalf of us all, we ‘thank you’ for all the lovely cards, gifts and support that we have received. It was very generous and much appreciated. They will also be a reminder of such a wonderful year group that we have taught.
We wish you a happy and relaxing holiday and look forward to catching up with the children in September.  
God bless you all.

Friday, 8 July 2016

WB: 4.7.16.
What a busy week in Year 1 we have had!
In English we used our non-fiction text, Top Jobs, as inspiration to complete a job application to become an ice-cream inventor. The children had to come up with ideas about why they would be the best candidate for the job. Many of the children decided if they could invent the best flavour ice cream then they may tempt the employer to choose them! Afterwards, the children had fun creating their ice cream flavours using bubble printing to represent the different flavours.

In RE the children have been finding out about life for a little girl in Rwanda. They looked at her family situation, where she lives, what she eats and then compared this to their own lives in our school community.
In Science the children used the outdoor environment to explore plants. Their task was to classify and sort the plants into those which grew wild and those which were planted. We have such a wonderful outdoor environment and it was great to see the amount of flowers the children were able to identify. 
In Maths we have continued to focus on measuring time using the analogue clocks.  We have also been estimating how long it would take us to complete a task. I have been very impressed at how accurate some of the children’s estimations have become – especially the estimation of how long it would take to run around the school field!
With Mrs Luckhurst the children had fun using money whilst shopping at a book, cake and toy stall. They have used coins to pay for items and had to work out how much change they would get from 20p, 50p or £1.
In Art the children completed their pictures of a ‘Starry Night’ in the style of the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh.

We also had a very special visitor into our class this week that the children just fell in love with!
It was lovely to meet so many of you last night at the celebration evening. The children work extremely hard and they were pleased to be able to take you around their classroom and show you some of the work that they have been doing this term.
Next week we are looking forward to seeing the Year 5 and 6 dress rehearsals on Monday. 
On Thursday the children will be going to visit their new class.
As you will know we are having a fundraising day to support ‘Spotlight on Africa’ on Monday 18th July. The children are allowed to come into school dressed in shorts and t-shirts. In the afternoon we are going to have a fun afternoon in the Early Years playground and the children can build sandcastles and play games etc. We would love them to have the opportunity to have a paddle and was wondering if anybody had a paddling pool that we could borrow for the afternoon. If you have one then please could you speak with a member of staff.

Enjoy the weekend!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

WB: 27.6.16.

This week in English we looked at the non-fiction text, Top Jobs. The children had to think about what ‘Top Job’ might be. It was lovely to hear the variety of jobs the children came up with – vet, famous artist, pop singer, wedding dress shop owner to name but a few!
In Maths we focussed on telling the time using the vocabulary, o’clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to. The children were moving the hands on the clocks to give the correct time. They also had questions to answer related to the time. You will have noticed this has been continued for homework.
During RE we discussed the work of CAFOD and it was lovely for the children to share some of the posters that they had created for homework. Afterwards, the children thought about our neighbours around the world and how we look after each other.
In PE the children got into the spirit of Wimbledon and had fun practising their tennis skills.

During Art and DT day on Thursday we looked at two pieces of work from the British artist, David Hockney, Garrowby Hill and The Road to York through Sledmere. The pictures were divided into sixteen pieces and each child worked on an individual piece to create the two bigger pictures. It was wonderful to see the children take time to observe the work of a British artist and create a similar piece. I am sure you will agree the final pieces looked amazing!

We were also delighted to have Mrs Rickard visit our class in the afternoon and tell us all about packaging design. Afterwards, the children enjoyed designing and creating their own packaging for a strawberry milkshake.  

At the end of the day we visited all of the other classes in the school. It was lovely to see which British artist other classes had focussed their work on and see the amazing creativity within our school.
Next week in English we will continue to look at the non-fiction text, Top Jobs. In Maths we will be measuring time and working on the months of the year.
It is also celebration evening on Thursday so look forward to seeing you there.
Enjoy the weekend!