Saturday, 19 November 2016

WB: 14.11.16.
The You, Me and Us production was a great start to our Anti-Bullying week. The children really enjoyed the performance and it helped us to think about accepting and celebrating the differences in all of us. Afterwards, we thought about the qualities that help us to become a good friend.

On Wednesday, as part of our RE topic the children attended a lovely Mass led by Bishop John at Our Lady of Lourdes Church. This was a prayerful and wonderful learning experience for the children as Bishop John included prayers in his homily about the special sacrament of Baptism. This made our class role play more meaningful and the children gained a good understanding of the symbols used in Baptism.

On the walk back from Mass, the children had the opportunity to look for features and landmarks in our local area.  When we got back to class, the children drew a map of our walk using photographs and their knowledge of the local area to support. A special thanks to Mrs Cowley, Mrs O’Mahony and Mrs Thomas for volunteering to help us on this trip, it was very much appreciated.

In Maths, we have been counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and learning about ordinal numbers. We have also been using a variety of concrete objects to help us solve addition and subtraction word problems.

In Science, the children have been observing how much rainfall we have had and comparing this to the predictions they made the previous week. They have also been thinking about the season of winter and the clothes we would need to wear. The children had much fun exploring the frozen objects in ice.

In Art and Design, the children have been mixing primary colours to make secondary colours. Afterwards, they used their imagination to create some beautiful leaf art.

Next week in English, we will begin our non-fiction unit. We will be using the book, ‘Who Lives Here?’ which is a recount of four nature walks in the autumn, winter, spring and summer.
In Maths, we will be using positional language and leaning about measurement.
We will also begin our new RE topic on Waiting, which will help us to understand how we can prepare ourselves during Advent for the birth of Jesus.

Have a lovely weekend!

Saturday, 5 November 2016

WB: 31.10.16.
It was lovely to see the children back feeling refreshed after their half–term holidays.
In English we began our Poetry unit which focussed on our senses. The children began by listening to a poem called, Wind Ways. Afterwards, we went outside and encouraged the children to use their senses to understand and describe how the wind moves things and the sounds it makes. We then listened to a poem called, When the Wind Blows. The children were arranged in small groups and were given a verse each to learn. They had fun using instruments and objects to create sound effects and then performed their verse to each other. 

In our grammar lesson we have been learning about ‘exclamation marks’. We discussed how they were used in writing for a command, excitement or surprise. Perhaps when your child is reading at home they may like to have a look for exclamation marks in their text.
In Maths, we have been reading and writing number names and forming numerals correctly.  We also estimated objects which the children enjoyed and were very good at.
In RE, we shared the story of Jesus’ baptism and the children had the opportunity to make a dove to represent the Holy Spirit. We watched a video of a baby being baptised and discussed some of the symbols that we saw during the baptism.
In Science, the children have been making rain gauges. They predicted how much rain would fall in a week and have placed their rain gauges around the school in different locations. Next week they will observe the rain fall and compare these to the predictions from this week.

During Art and Design the children have created some wonderful autumnal pictures using paint and collage. A big well done to Ameile and Hannah whose work was chosen to be displayed in the Art competition at the Harpenden Public Halls on Friday.
During our Geography lesson we began our new topic, ‘Out and About’. The children talked about where they lived and what physical and human features you might see in their town or village.
Next week in English we will continue to focus on Poetry using our senses. In Maths, we will gain an understanding of ‘teen’ numbers, find numbers between two numbers and will be using ordinal numbers.
To support our RE topic we are hoping to attend Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes Church so please look out for a letter regarding this.

Enjoy the weekend!