Sunday, 29 January 2017

WB: 23.1.17.

We began our week with a lovely assembly about the Chinese New Year with Mrs Ward Tsang to find out about the Year of the Rooster. The children counted to 10 in Cantonese and watched two Year 6 children perform the lion dance. We were also lucky to have Bryony and Francesca read the New Year story in class and share some fortune cookies and sweets with the children.
In English, the children have enjoyed listening to the fairy tale, Mary and the Twelve Months. They have been finding out about what happens in each month and have been able to use adjectives in their work to describe the months of the year. The story also enabled the children to have a go at writing questions and practice using an exaggerated intonation when asking questions.
Whilst listening to the story of ‘The Four Singers’, the children had fun experimenting with instruments to create sound words.

In Maths, we have been using the 100 square and finding numbers that are one/two more or less than a given number. We have also been solving what the missing numbers are in a number sentence, for example:
4 + = 10          10 - = 7
In Science, the children have been investigating liquids and solids. They have been stirring and mixing a variety of materials such as, cooking oil, juice, treacle, milk, ketchup and bubble bath. Afterwards, children had the opportunity to discuss and record their findings.

In RE, through role-play the children have been learning about Simeon and Anna and the story of ‘The Presentation of the Lord’.

In Computing, the children have enjoyed creating their own stories using the Purple Mash program. We will continue with this next week and children will have the opportunity to add animation and sounds to their stories.

Next week, in English the children will be retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Children will be encouraged to focus on story language and use capital letters and full stops in the correct place in their writing.
In Maths, they will be putting the largest number first and counting on (numbers up to 100) spotting unit patterns whilst counting on from 2-digit numbers.

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, 13 January 2017


It was lovely to see the children back after their Christmas holidays and hear about all their wonderful experiences that they had. We welcome Iris and Miss Da Costa into our school community and hope they will both be happy in Year 1.
In English, we began our unit on fiction stories. We started by discussing the features of a fairy tale and have been thinking about how fairy tales are sequenced.
In Maths, we have been using the 100 square to find numbers that are one/two more and one/two less than any given number. We have also been using the 100 square to count on and backwards in tens.
During our RE topic we have been thinking about ‘Special People’ in our parishes. Next Thursday we look forward to Father Michael visiting our class.
The toy workshop on Thursday was a great success and a fabulous start to our new History topic. The children enjoyed exploring a variety of real and replica toys from the past. Afterwards, we spent time comparing how the children’s toys were different from those in the past.

In Science, the children began their new topic and had fun finding and investigating different types of materials.  

Have a lovely weekend!