Friday, 17 November 2017

The ‘Noise Keepers’ drama production held on Tuesday was a great start to our Anti-Bullying week. The children enjoyed the performance and it helped us to remember that we are all unique and all equal.
In Maths, the children have been exploring positional language using the language of left, right, above, below, next to, in between… Next week, we will be using language to describe directions such as whole turn, half turn and three-quarters of a turn.  
In English, we began our non-fiction unit. We used the book, ‘Who Lives Here?’ which is a recount of four nature walks through the seasons. We discussed the features that we might find in a non-fiction text such as real information, photographs, captions, contents page, titles, page numbers, index and glossary.   
This week in Science, the children have been making rain gauges. They predicted how much rain would fall in a week and have placed the rain gauges around the school in different locations. Next week they will observe the rain fall and compare these to the predictions from this week.
In RE, the children have been learning about Judaism. We discussed some of the symbols of the Jewish faith such as the tallit, the kippah, the menorah candlestick and compared these to our own Christian faith. We also listened to the story of Abraham’s family and found out about God’s promise to him. The children used the 2Paint program to depict this story.
During Art and Design, the children have been mixing primary colours to make secondary colours and have created a colour wheel. Next week, the children will be adding black and white to their colour and explore different colour tones.
We began our new Geography topic this week by challenging the children to complete the sentence in three words: Geography is the study of… Afterwards, the children looked at a variety of pictures of people and places around the world and then had to sort them between human geography or physical geography.
Have a lovely weekend!

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