Wednesday, 14 March 2018

On Tuesday, Mrs Ashcroft and Mika came into talk to the children about the work of ‘Civil Engineers’. They showed us images of the work that engineers do such as bridges, buildings, dams, canals, roads, tunnels and railways. The children learnt how different ‘forces’ are important when making a structure. They worked together using magnets to build a cube and a cuboid.   

The children had a great time today when Mrs Mulcahy came into Year 1. They watched a video to help them learn about the construction industry and some of the jobs that construction workers have to do whilst working at the company ‘Murphy’. Afterwards, their task was to use a variety of materials and work together in a team to create a bridge that would support a ‘Murphy’ vehicle. I think you will be able to tell from the photos below that the children made a fantastic job of creating their bridges…

At the end of the day every child received a ‘goody bag’ to take home!

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