Saturday, 28 April 2018

WB: 23.4.18.

In English, the children have been using their imagination from the colour ‘purple’ poem to create their own poems. They enjoyed working together in pairs to choose a theme and come up with five ideas for their poem. 

 Next week, we will continue to look at poems which include pattern and rhyme.  
In Maths, we have been using a variety of resources to count in twos, fives and tens and then have used these skills to solve mathematical problems.

During RE, the children have been thinking about different Holydays celebrated in the Church year. Next week, we will be teaching the children about the Ascension.
It has been very interesting listening to the children share their information about ‘Famous People’. During our Art and Design lesson the children have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh. Next week, the children will use pastels to create their own pictures of the famous sunflowers.
The good weather enabled us to have our PE lessons outdoors and the children enjoyed working together in teams to complete their given tasks.

Enjoy the weekend!

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