Saturday, 23 June 2018

Multi-cultural Art Week!
The children thoroughly enjoyed this week’s activities.
The theme of the week was ‘Carnivals’ so we began on Monday with a musical workshop led by Raz. He showed the children some of the musical instruments that would be used in a Brazilian carnival – a Berimbau, agogo bells, tamborim, ganzá and wooden drums. The children really enjoyed this session which was full of energy and lots of tunes!

Afterwards, the children made their own ganzás out of an assortment of cylinder shapes filled with beads and seeds.
Throughout the week the children created their tie-dye t-shirts, musical instruments, masks and lots of 'Under the Sea' creatures.


A big thank you to all who helped...Mrs Miles for creating the masks with the children. Also, Mrs Borgatti, Mrs Durden , Mrs Shipley, Mrs Cooper and Mrs Kennedy for helping the children to tie-dye and decorate their t-shirts. 
To finish the week off, we all came together on Friday afternoon to join the rest of the school wearing our t-shirts, masks and used our ganzá s to share our experience.

Have a lovely weekend enjoying the sunshine.

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