Friday, 7 December 2018

Wow, what a week! The children were absolute superstars today when they worked together with Year 2 to perform ‘The Inn-Keepers’. It was great to see so many proud parents and family members join our celebration.
Here are some photos of our fabulous angels, tour guide, street sellers, sheep, camels and twinkles… 


This week we also said ‘Goodbye’ to James and his family. We shall miss him very much but wish them all the very best as they venture for their exciting adventure in New Zealand.
Next week, there will be X-Factor auditions held on Monday for the Year 1 children. If your child has a particular talent that they would like to share with others such as, dancing, singing, telling jokes or a sporting skill then please help them to prepare for this over the weekend.
Hope to see you tomorrow at the Christmas Fair!

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