Thursday, 14 November 2019

The children continue to have a busy time in Year 1.
Tomorrow, we conclude our RE topic on ‘Belonging’.  Thank you to all parents who accompanied us on our visit to Our Lady of Lourdes mass. Next week, the children will be learning about Judaism and listening to stories about Abraham and Moses.  
In Maths, the children have been gaining confidence using addition and subtraction. They have been recording their work using pictures, number sentences and the part/whole model.  
During English, the children have been using their senses to describe the fireworks that they have seen and heard recently. Afterwards, a word bank was created which supported them when writing their own poems. Some of the children worked together to create a poem and others chose to write their own acrostic poems.

Next week, we will continue to use our senses to write autumn poems.
This week, we began our topic work on the Arctic Circle. The children’s first task was a scientific investigation. They were given an ice cube to keep frozen for as long as possible.  They were offered a selection of materials (foil, bubble wrap, paper, cotton wool, fabric, wool and plastic) to wrap the ice cube in to act as an insulator.  The investigation revealed that the wool and fur fabric were the best insulators – well done to Elsie, Nathan and Ralph for choosing these materials. The children also enjoyed finding out about the climate and animals of the Arctic.
Have a lovely weekend!

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