Friday, 13 December 2019

Christmas Jumper Day!
 What a busy week the children have had. In English, the children have been writing diary entries using language to sequence events such as first, next, then and after that.
In Phonics, we have been using the ‘buried treasure’ game on the  website to support the reading of ‘nonsense’ words.
During Maths, we have been naming and describing 2D shapes. Next week, we will be exploring 3D shapes.
In Science, the children have been naming and describing the properties of materials. You will notice that work to support this activity has been given as homework.
On Tuesday, the children enjoyed the whole experience of the trip to Planet Ice to watch a modern version of Sleeping Beauty.  A big thank you to all parents who offered to help and supported on the trip, it was much appreciated. 

 Today, the wet weather that we have experienced lately didn’t deter the children from participating enthusiastically in the Santa ‘Fun Run’ with Mr Simmonds.  
Ready, Steady, Go!

 Have a lovely weekend!

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