Friday, 15 May 2020

Hello Year 1
Mrs Serra and I are so proud of all the hard word that you have been achieving at home.

Well done to all those children who created beautiful work for the Month of Mary. We have so much talent and creativity in Year 1!
An amazing collage of Mary created with lentils

A beautiful prayer to Mary by Rose

Olivia created a fantastic prayer table and drew a fabulous picture

Marina’s beautiful picture of the Virgin Mary and a thoughtful prayer

Zachary created a beautiful picture and prayer for Mary

A beautifully made card for Mary

Henry H created a beautiful picture of Mary on her way to Bethlehem

An amazing crown created for Mary by Isla

Our own beautiful May queens!

 I have loved looking at all your fabulous work linked to the English ‘caterpillar Shoes’.

Rose designed some shoes for the ants

Lots of fun was had looking for mini beasts and some amazing mini beast hotels created! 

Edward found a drink moth caterpillar sunbathing!

Edward, Elsie, Marina, Olivia, Rose, Ted and Zachary created amazing work on life cycles

Great to see that there is still lots of home cooking taking place – yummy rocky roads and strawberry jam!

How cool is this jigsaw puzzle!

Birthday boy!

We also wish Conor a Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

Please find below the Home Learning Grid for next week:

We would have started a new RE topic had we been in school called ‘Being Sorry’. On Friday, you may like to have a look at the story of Zacchaeus.

There are also some optional Science investigations:
Body proportions - find out whether Da Vinci was right, is our arm span the same as our height?

How strong are peas?

Bottle top shapes from the Science Museum Group

If anyone has finished their ‘home learning’ book and needs a new one, we will be putting a box of unused exercise books under the covered walkway by the dining room at school. These will be available from Monday to Friday between 10.00 and 2pm if you would like to collect one. However, it is perfectly fine for you to use your own stationery at home.

Enjoy the sunshine at the weekend!

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