Friday, 1 May 2020

Hello Year 1
Wow! I am so impressed with all the fabulous work that has been sent via email this week. It is clear that you are working hard and having fun experiences during this challenging time.
I have absolutely loved all the topic work that you have completed this week. The Rainforest pictures and collages are amazing!

                                       Connie's  beautiful work

Rose's  wonderful creation

and some more amazing Rainforest work

Arthur has written some interesting facts about Peru

Keira has been finding out facts about Paddington Bear

Giuseppe and Henry H have been busy exploring South America

Henry H has been  tracking Paddington Bear's trip from Peru to London

Joel’s excellent work on Peru and the climate

Joel created a fabulous list of animals that he thinks he would hear in the Rainforest 

Marina has created a fantastic mind map of Peru

Lots of instruments used to create sounds of the Rainforest

Áine and Alessia used pastels to create their awesome African Savannah pictures linked to our Literacy this week.

What a great way to learn about symmetry - bake some ladybird cakes!

Issy has been learning about pirates and finding hidden treasure  

What a great wanted poster about a famous pirate, Issy

Giuseppe has completed a Science experiment and written beautifully about possums

 Some of the children have enjoyed researching information about meerkats and have recorded it beautifully

Following on from our Literacy - first time tasting a pomegranate!

Elsie has been practising her Phonics and creating some fantastic writing and pictures

Henry H has written a very long list of animals

Henry B has written a fabulous poem

I think a certain Grandad is going to be very happy when he tastes this yummy soda bread that was lovingly made

Lots of fun outdoor learning has been going on

Tree rubbings 

 Planting seeds

Perfect weather for gardening!

There have been some magnificent Science activities explored and structures created

                 Giuseppe and Henry H have labelled parts of the body 


Birthday Girl with yummy cake to celebrate!

Please find below the Home Learning Grid for Week 5.

You will have noticed that on Friday I have asked you to get creative and explore Mary our Mother through Art. 
This is a competition and you have until the 15th May to send in your creation via email to Mrs McCaughey for a chance to be featured in a special reflection video that will be included on our Twitter account and school website.

I have also added a link this week to enable your child to access free e-books. Use the link below to register and then gain access to a variety of new books to read.

It's very important to continue to pray, reflect and take time to talk to God in your hearts and homes during this challenging times. Maybe you could lead a Collective Worship or prayer for your family. Please use the links below to support this.

Parents, as the lockdown continues, you may have started to settle into your new life with ease or you may find yourself or your child struggling. I have added a new page to our school website with a range of resources for you to draw upon should you need them, please find the link here: Mental Health & Wellbeing Page

There is an excellent e-book, written by Elizabeth Jenner, Kate Wilson & Nia Roberts Consultant: Professor Graham Medley Professor of Infectious Disease Modelling, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Illustrated by Axel Scheffler here.

Mrs Serra and I are extremely proud of how hard you are working. Keep up the great work and stay safe and well!

Have a lovely weekend!

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