Friday, 5 June 2020

Hello Year 1

Well, we are back at school and I must say how impressed Mrs Serra and I were with the children this week. They settled back in so well and I think were happy to be back at school seeing their friends again.

We began by talking about our experiences of ‘lockdown’ and what we had been doing at home. Then we talked about keeping ourselves safe and the expectations within our new ‘bubble’ learning environment.

We made our own learning buddies and bubble wands!

 During our English work, we read the story of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. We looked at the characters in the story, created a story map and retold the story in our own words.

Today, we followed the BBC Bitesize English lesson. We practiced our ‘curly caterpillar’ letters, wrote words with the suffix ‘ly’ and wrote some rules for a pirate using words with the suffix ‘ly’ ending. For example… The pirate walked the plank carefully.

Some of the children were happy to practice joining their letters so they were encouraged to do so.

In Maths, we began using a ruler to measure in centimetres. Then we estimated and measured many objects in our learning pack and around the classroom.

As an introduction to our topic on ‘Going Wild’ the children met our new class pet, Pebbles! I am sure they will tell you all about him.

We discussed the difference between things that are living and things that have never been alive. The children then chose a picture of a pet and recorded the reasons why they know it is a ‘living thing’.

Through our Science work, the children have been identifying and naming the parts of the body.

In RE, the children created some lovely posters to help them understand the work of CAFOD.

Mr Simmonds also introduced the children to some new social distancing games. They really enjoyed the ‘Splat’ and ‘Apple Pie’ games. Perhaps the children would be happy to teach you these at home.

Next week, we are going to be looking at a non-fiction book called, Why do Elephants have Big Ears? The children will be identifying the layout of a simple report about an animal and finding out why opening sentences are important when writing a report.  

We will be starting phonics again next week and will be focussing on the letter sounds ‘aw’ and ‘au’ as in the sound ‘or’. We will be writing words such as draw, yawn, astronaut and launch.

In Maths, we will sharing objects into equal and unequal groups. The children will be encouraged to say if a particular number of objects can be shared into a group equally or is there a remainder. There are activities on the twinkl website that will help with this 

During our topic work, we will be looking at groups of animals and in particular mammals next week.

Our Science work will focus on our senses and we will be exploring which part of the body is associated with each sense.

 Some of our children have been busy at home growing caterpillars and watching them hatch into caterpillars.

Having fun creating fractions with lemons and pizza!

Henry has been working hard on his English skills.

Issy has created some amazing work that she has kindly shared with us. She has been busy practising using commas in lists and using speech marks.

 Have a lovely weekend!


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