Saturday, 27 June 2020

Hi Everybody

What a sizzling week!

In Maths, the children have been busy finding halves and quarters of numbers and shapes.

In English, the children have created a new animal and written a postcard to send to a friend to tell them all about it. They have also completed a simple report about elephants.

The children listened to the story of The Good Samaritan in RE. Afterwards, they discussed who was a good neighbour to the injured man and then retold the story in their own words.

Through our topic work, we have been classifying birds.

Henry did really well spotting birds and recording them. He also created a lovely collage of a robin.

In Art and Design, the children looked at the work of William Morris and how pattern was used in his work.

The Golden Moment this week goes to Marina in Group 1.

Marina was able to retell the story of The Good Samaritan beautifully.

The Golden Moment in Group 2 goes to Conor.

Mrs Serra was very impressed with Conor’s mathematical ability on his work with fractions this week. A very well done to both children!

Next week in English, we will be reading the story of ‘Dear Earth’ by Isabel Otter, which will provide opportunities for children to think about how we can look after our planet. We will working towards writing a letter about what we love about our earth.

In Maths, the focus will be on telling the time. The children will be using language such as clockwise, anti-clockwise, o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. They will also be counting in 5s and solving problems related to time.

 In RE, the children will be thinking about how they can be a good friend to their neighbour.

Through our topic work, we will be finding out about the characteristics of fish and the children will be creating a poster.

In our Science work, we will be focussing on the sense of smell.

Happy Weekend!

Mrs Myers & Mrs Serra

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