Saturday, 13 June 2020

Hi Year 1

The children have continued to amaze Mrs Serra and I this week with their 

‘can do’ approach to their new learning environment. We are so proud of each one of them!

In English, we have been identifying simple reports in a text and finding out why opening sentences are important in a non-fiction text.


In Maths, we have been sharing objects into groups using counters to support.

Giuseppe has recorded his work beautifully whilst working from home on this 

During RE, we have looked at how CAFOD has helped a family in Rwanda and compared this to our lives. We also thought about what God taught us to do and thought about people who are good neighbours to us. 

Through our Art and Design work, the children enjoyed looking at animal patterns and tried to create their own. Next week, we will be looking at patterns in our environment and will be going outside looking at patterns in nature and will be doing some bark rubbings. 

During our topic work, we focussed on learning about mammals. The children discussed how we classify mammals and then chose a mammal of their own to find out additional information about. 

Through our Science work, ‘Animals including Humans’ we have been learning about our senses and created a sensory board. This enabled the children to focus on the sense of touch, sight, hearing and smell (created with herbs, spices and chocolate). 

Next week, we will continue to use a non-fiction book on animals. The children will be using their comprehension skills to look for clues in the text as to why and how some animals adapt to hot and cold climates. Afterwards, they will be writing captions and focussing on the correct punctuation.

The phonic sounds we will be focussing on are ‘ow’ and ‘oe’ as in the sound ‘oa’. We will be writing words such as low, slow, window, toe, goes and learning to spell thought and through. 

In RE, we will be listening to a psalm that thanks God for neighbours everywhere. This is based on Psalm18:1-5.

The sky above tells how wonderful God is.

Every day it is there for us to see.

Every morning the golden sun appears shining on everyone,

bringing light and warmth to all.

Spreading the message of God’s love all over the world

to neighbours here, neighbours there, neighbours everywhere.

Through our Science work, we will be playing some sound games and experimenting how sounds are made.

In Maths, we will be counting and learning about repeated addition. The children will begin by using arrays to help them understand that arrays is another way to represent a number, repeated addition or multiplication.

BBC Bitesize will be showing a lesson on ‘arrays’ on Monday which your child may find helpful.


There are also activities on the ‘twinkl’ website that you may like to try

During our topic work, we will be looking at the animal group, reptiles.

Don’t forget there are some fabulous animal books that can be accessed at home via the school website for free on the MyON E-Books link.

Next week, it is also Refugee Week so during our PSHCE lesson we will finding out how communities work together. The theme of the week is ‘Imagine’. More can be found out about this by following the link

 It is lovely to see that although some children cannot be with us now they are continuing to work hard at home.

Issy has been busy producing some amazing writing, she has been using commas in a list, using similes in her stories and she is even beginning to use speech marks!

Henry H has produced some awesome work in all subjects this week!

Lots of brilliant ‘sharing equally’ and measuring has been completed as well!


We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing the sunshine back next week!

Mrs Myers and Mrs Serra   



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